About Us

Image Private Tech is a privately owned firm, based in the coastal city of Huntington Beach, CA, USA. We were established in 2011 by Bob Young, to provide Tech Rep services to National Contractors. We have grown to become an area leader in full spectrum technology support services, installing and maintaining phone systems, computer networks, intercoms, pa systems, pos systems, and much more.

We understand every minute your business is experiencing a technological problem, you are losing revenue, customers, assets, connectivity to the rest of the world, and peace of mind. We strive to restore systems as quickly, and economically as possible, as well as keep your systems running efficiently.

No job is too small to hold our interest and every job is guaranteed to be done right.

More Details

Bob Young, the owner and lead technician of Private Tech began his career in telecommunications as a member of the United States Marine Corp in 1977. He served in the Marines working with a wide range of communication concerns involved in governmental and military systems. From 1984 to 1988 he was attached to the Defense Communications Agency serving the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the National Military Command Center. He left the Marines in 1988 and spent several years building and maintaining properties. He now refers to that time as a learning experience that supports his ability to build and maintain telecommunications systems. As he often says, "You can't install the cable, until you know how the building was built." Bob returned to communications in 1998 and has remained in the industry through the present date.